Welcome to random bits of stuff…arts and nature, crafts and clay, found objects and gemstones, driftwood and carving, trees and playing with green woodwork.  Photos and a few exploring toys.

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[neclace-amber with dogwood/elder&hazel beads with quartz]

[Bee and Rosebud visit Inverness Old High Church Graveyard – good spot in laburnum tree – bees favourite, yellow flowers, lovely view of River Ness]


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Nessa (I like giants)


Down by the River Ness,Inverness city centre Scotland,…


look closely into the water…giants in Inverness.. or Nessa.… “Beira was also said to have transformed a troublesome maid, Nessa, into a river which eventually escaped and formed Loch Ness.”

‘I Love Giants’ (2006)…inspired by….. I like giants..

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twisty tree with bunnies

The Clay Studio

Inverness, playing with clay…

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Summer Solstice 2018

Inverness, Merkinch Nature reserve, entrance to the caledonian canal;

Bee on thyme flowers

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Beltane snakes

snake sticks, copper/bronze wire, gemstones[amethyst,jade,garnet], wood burning detail

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Beltane 2014



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Book project.

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River Ness


The river and Loch Ness, using handmade paper and sticks/rowan bereries etc. collected along the river.  Linked into a story I was working on.



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Spring Equinox

Story for my children.x Inspired by the Inverness castle bunnies

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Journey into Darkness


Inspired by Monika Sjöö’s chapter, of the same name, in the book ‘Glancing Fires‘(Women’s Press 1987) on the death of her 15yr old son.

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