Moon Rabbit


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  1. Vladimir says:

    I am a Russian author and a literary critic; I have authored more than 20 books. Recently I have written a book on the myths of the Moon Hare. I think there is no other book like that anywhere in the East or in the West. I am sending you the book as I am sure that you are interested in the subject. The book is in Russian. ( Moskou. 2010). I am working now on the next book: an album with one hundred of the oldest and the most beautiful pictures of the Moon Hare.
    Yours truly,
    Vladimir Bondarenko

    • gemma says:

      Dear Vladimir,
      The book sounds lovely, many thanks for the kind offer, I would love to see your book. I am afraid though I will be unable to understand, but would be very touched to receive such a gift. I can perhaps make it a study to learn some Russian with my children…… Would it be in downloadable form through an internet link? The current book you’re working on of Moon Hare pictures sounds just beautiful too!

      It is quite a coincidence as we were in Inverness just yesterday at an event to celebrate International women’s day, and there were women represented from all over the world there. One group was celebrating the culture of Russia, and had memebers from Russia (Highland Russia) and my children (and I) were truly captivated by the costume and music and dolls etc.

      Thank you very much for getting in touch,
      Best wishes,

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