Inverness based, in the Highlands of Scotland.

                            (Inverness city, Scotland, from Friars Bridge)

(Rune charm/keyring, detail)

(Belladrum painting, detail, using the river water, rocks and found objects)

Inspiration from nature and goddess cultures current and ancient, local and worldwide, mythological and historical…

(ice age female figurine, mammoth tusk ivory, Russia, dated 24000-22000yrs old, charcoal sketch)

(Earth Goddess candle holder, detail)

(ogham & gemstone charm)

(Goddess temple, Glastonbury UK)

(Glastonbury Tor)

(Glastonbury Thorn, Wearyall Hill [2008] – ancient Hawthorn tree flowers twice a year – cut down in 2010)

(Avebury, 2007)

Folklore from around the world…………………..

(Culloden woods)


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