Hello and welcome.

I am an artist and illustrator, insprired by the imaginary, instinctual magic in nature.

I have lived all over the land with my growing vegan, pagan, homeschool  family, from Cornwall to the Highlands and many places between.  I am currently based in Fife, Scotland.

I try to work as ethically as possible, using recycled, reused and hand made paper and frames.  My favourite paints being natural watercolours made from plants.

I love incorporating the land into my work and use things like river, rain or sea water, rocks, plants etc., what ever has meaning or relevance to the piece.  I have done paintings and books for my children, often using handmade paper with a little of mother nature included….

I welcome comments and requests for commissions, please feel free to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.x 

Folklore from around the world…………………..

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  1. Gary Brindle says:

    Hi Moon Rabbit,enjoying your paintings,I live and work in North Scotland creating aerial views,my website has been changed making it easier to order prints and it will take a while for all content to be added . meanwhile I can provide a new image of Clava,just drop me your email info. No charge ,just a link.

    Cheerio Gary

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