Behind Balnuaran

(Lammas/Lughnasa full moon, August 2011)

Using water collected from the river Nairn: (photo from Scotavia Images, aerial photography)


which flows very close to the beautiful  site of Balnuaran of Clava containing ring cairns and stone circles.

from mysterious britain: “The Clava Cairns – or more correctly Balnuaran of Clava – is one of the best preserved Bronze Age burial sites in Scotland. There are three cairns here, two with passage ways aligned to the Midwinter sunset, and all with more subtle features, incorporated to reflect the importance of the South-west horizon.”


The painting was inspired by the standing stone in the field behind the main site.  Full moon, hare, magical place.x


(image from ‘Chanting‘ witches chants cd)

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